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Alle Neuigkeiten Vom Campingplatz Le Coin Tranquille

Infos zur neuen Badelandschaft oder zu den Aktivitäten und Animationen auf unserem Campingplatz in Les Abrets en Dauphiné?
Ein Sonderangebot für einen preisgünstigen Camping-Aufenthalt in den Alpen? 

Hier finden Sie sämtliche Neuigkeiten von unserem 4-Sterne-Campingplatz im Département Isère und den Dauphiné-Alpen. Erfahren Sie, was es auf unserem familiären Campingplatz Neues gibt, mit aktuellen Infos sowie Sonderaktionen und Veranstaltungen, die Sie nicht verpassen sollten.


Sonderangebote von Le Coin Tranquille

emplacemetns Coin Tranquille
Reservierungen 2020 ohne Gebühren
Nach dieser außergewöhnlichen Zeit lockern wir unsere Verkaufsbedingungen
Wir empfehlen Ihnen, kostenlos und ohne Anzahlung zu buchen. Die Zahlung erfolgt bei der Ankunft.
Bei Anmietung wird eine Anzahlung von 30% bei Buchung ohne Buchungsgebühren und den Restbetrag bei Ankunft verlangt.
piscine early booking coin tranquille
!!!!Früh buchen, verlasse den Gewinner !!!!

20% Rabatt auf den Betrag Ihres Aufenthaltes wird Ihnen gewährt, wenn Sie Ihren Urlaub bei der Buchung ehren. (Angebot gültig vom 01/10/2020 bis 30/11/2020 für mindestens eine aufeinanderfolgende Woche) Angebot nicht kombinierbar

15% Rabatt auf den Betrag Ihres Aufenthaltes wird Ihnen gewährt, wenn Sie Ihren Urlaub bei der Buchung ehren. (Angebot gültig vom 01/12/2020 bis 31/12/2020 für mindestens eine aufeinanderfolgende Woche) Angebot nicht kombinierbar

10% Rabatt auf den Betrag Ihres Aufenthaltes wird Ihnen gewährt, wenn Sie Ihren Urlaub bei der Buchung ehren. (Angebot gültig vom 01/01/2021 bis 30/01/2021 für mindestens eine aufeinanderfolgende Woche) Angebot nicht kombinierbar

Neuigkeiten von Le Coin Tranquille

N° 7emplacement Coin Tranquille
To ensure you have a good holiday, please find the measures in place to welcome you safely
Following the latest government measures, we inform you that the Restaurant will be open from Thursday evening June 4, 2020.
The campsite open its doors on June 2, 2020 !!!
The borders are closed for the moment until the 15 June.

To ensure you have a good holiday, please find the measures in place to welcome you safely
Measures have been put in place to enable us to reopen our establishment with all its facilities. You will find below important information concerning your stay and concerning the sanitary means implemented to allow you to spend a holiday in all serenity.
We will be placing safety notices in all public places.
Below you will find the procedures we have put in place to enable you to enjoy your holiday in the best conditions possible. To facilitate this, we would ask you:

  1. To be responsible and respect each other with good humor and courtesy.
2.  Respect and follow the safety notices.
3.   It is obligatory to wear masks in the communal areas (grocery shop, sanitary block, restaurant and reception).
On your arrival 
A one way system has been organised in reception (Please enter by the left hand door and exit by the right hand door). Only 2 people can be in reception at the same time.  Alcoholic hand gel will be available at the entrance. A perspex screen will be installed at the desk to maintain social distancing.
The Emplacements
All our emplacements are surrounded by hedges and you are assured of a private area of 100m2.
Our chalets are disinfected after each client with cleaning products effective against Covid19.
If you have requested sheets, you may be assured that they have been laundered at a temperature above 60C.
Mattresses are encased in disposable covers which are changed between each client.
We provide you with duvets and pillows, but we advise you to bring your own.
(To save space in your cars, we recommend vacuum storage covers to vacuum)
We ask you to leave all the windows fully open, especially on your departure (depending on the weather).
The Restaurant
All tables are spaced 1 meter apart.
There will be no more than 10 people to a table.
The serving staff will wear masks and the kitchen staff will wear masks.
Concerning customers, wearing a mask is obligatory only when you are traveling (arrival, departure, going to the toilet); it will not be necessary to carry it to the table
Hand sanitizing gel will be placed at the entrance.
This year, all our menus will be encased in plastic on the table to avoid handling.
The tables and chairs will be disinfected after each client.
Disposable paper serviettes will be used.
Established standards of hygiene will be followed.
Take aways
The following dishes will be available for take away:  pizza, salad, snacks, chips and dish of the day.
Entertainments in July and August.
The entertainment programme will be adapted to accommodate the safety instructions and social distancing. We will adapt the programme (including Kids’ Club) and the opening of services and installations. We will follow safety requirements and government regulations, notably limiting groups to 10 people and preventing overlapping of groups.  All activities must be booked in advance.
Events may be repeated to avoid large groups.
Hands should be disinfected with aqua gel before any activity and and any materials used will be disinfected at the end of each activity.
Sanitary Blocks
At the entrance to each sanitary block, alcoholic aqua gel will be available.
Please accompany your children to the Sanitary Blocks and not leave them alone.
Our washrooms contain individual cubicles.
Where there are no cubicles (washing up facilities and urinals), alternate ones will be closed.
In the toilet cubicles, there will be alcoholic aqua gel mousse to disinfect  the toilet seats  and the flush after each client.
The frequency of cleaning and disinfection will be increased.
ATTENTION, Please put discarded glove, paper towels and masks in the dustbin provided and NOT down the toilet.
We ask you to respect the safety instructions and not to stand in the passageways for your own safety.
The Shop
A perspex screen has been installed between the customer and shop assistant to maintain social distancing.
Bread and rolls will still be sold in the shop, but must be ordered the previous day in the reception or in the shop.
Only 2 people can enter the shop at the same time and a one way system will be organised to enter and leave the shop.
Swimming pool
At the entrance of the swimming pool , there will be a notice detailing safety regulations and the maximum number allowed which is 180 peoples.
Use of the shower and footbath is obligatory at the entrance to the pool.
All surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
THe sun loungers will be removed from around the pool but can be obtained (on payment of a deposit) from reception and will be disinfected on their return.
Play Areas
There will be access to all areas and these will be disinfected daily, but we ask that you clean your hands with aqua gel before and after use.
The bench seats can only be shared by members of the same family or emplacement.
Despite all these rules we hope to offer you a warm and convivial holiday. All the staff of Le Coin Tranquille will do their best to make your holiday enjoyable and in the best conditions possible.
This will be an exceptional year with all these necessary measures but we hope to provide as pleasant experience as possible.
We look forward to welcoming you and give you our best wishes.
The Coin Tranquille Team.