Explore Alpes-Dauphiné From plains to lakes and mountains

Your holiday at Le Coin Tranquille Campsite in Abrets en Dauphiné (38) will hold many surprises! 
Our campsite is ideally located on the doorstep of the Chartreuse park, between the two Savoies and Isère, enabling you to easily criss-cross the region. If you enjoy nature and heritage, and love exploring, the main tourist attractions will appeal to you. These unique, magical, enchanting sites are must-sees.
You’ll be transported to another world in the Chartreuse park, with its Cirque de Saint-Même waterfalls, Col de Marcieu play area and Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet cable car. While on holiday, you might head out to discover the lakes near our campsite, which include Lakes Paladru, Aix-les-Bains and Aiguebelette, or perhaps the easily accessible Alps.
What is there to see and do as a family? In addition to the must-do activities such as visiting Chambéry, the capital of Savoie, and enjoying the many rambles along cycling trails, two more must-visit sites are Grotte de Choranche and Château de Virieu. 

Lake of Aiguebelette Lake of the Savoie

The lake of Aiguebelette is nestled in a natural environment at 360 metres height, in the hollow of the Epine mountains. It is one of the warmest natural lakes of France: in the summer, the water temperature can rise up to 28 C°. The lake is listed as a Natura 2000 site and also offers an extraordinary flora and fauna. It is also an ideal site for swimming and sports.

Le Château de Virieu Monument from the year Thousand

This castle, built between the 11th and 18th centuries in the Isère, is surprising for its mixture of military fortifications and French gardens. Behind the extraordinary and massive gate with more than 2000 nails, you’ll be visiting the bedroom of Louis XIII, a medieval kitchen, a 17th century chapel and a donjon.

Walibi Rhône Alpes Family leisure park

Attractions for children, sensational rides and shows are a few of the activities you’ll find between Lyon and Chambéry, near Les Abrets. But you’ll also find a mini farm and boat trips. Enough for the entire family to enjoy.

Lake of Paladru Archeology in the Isère

This lake is one of the biggest natural lakes of France (5th). The natural setting and the crystal clear water make it the ideal spot for sports activities and family outings. But the lake of Paladru is also known for its underwater archeological diggings, to Neolithic civilisations and farmer knights from the year Thousand. In Charavines you’ll find an archeological museum where you can learn more about these diggings.

Cellars of the Chartreuse Wine tasting

The monks of the Chartreuse have been making a tasty green and yellow alcoholic drink for the past 250 years, made with more than 100 plants and a well-kept secret recipe. In these vast cellars where this special beverage ages, you can discover the secrets of this drink with medicinal virtues and taste the different varieties of it.

Le jardin des fontaines pétrifiantes Tropical gardens at the heart of the Isère

As a lush paradise between the Isère and a rock with waterfalls and tuff, these gardens offer a ticket to a botanic trip around the world. During your visit, you can discover plants from all over the world. In these fascinating gardens, you’ll find more than 800 flowers and plants.

Chambéry Capital of the Savoie

Chambéry, capital of the county of the Savoie, has known a turbulent past, where it was dragged between France and Italy. The town has kept a refined heritage from its past, with elements from both cultures, such as elegant medieval hotels and a castle from the 14th and 15th centuries.

Lyon Heritage and gastronomy

Lyon deserves to be considered as one of the most beautiful cities of France. Therefore, it is listed as World Heritage. For its surface, it is one of the biggest cities of France, but the town has managed to preserve a village-like character with its districts, and shows 2 thousand years of heritage. It is also known for its gastronomy and ‘bouchons’, the typical restaurants of Lyon with regional specialities and cheeses, accompanied by a glass of Côte du Rhône.